Arm Lift

An arm lift is used to remove some of the upper arm 'wings' that can form with age or with significant weight loss. The procedure works well but does leave significant visible scars. It does restore a more youthful contour of the upper arms. It is definitely a procedure where the benefits and drawbacks need to be weighed very carefully.


Excess skin and fat become more pronounced under the arms due to aging or massive weight loss. Exercise will not decrease the extra tissue. It will tone the muscles and improve strength and endurance, but exercising your arms does nothing to the loose hanging skin and fat.

The procedure involves making an incision on the inside portion of the arm from the elbow to the armpit and carefully removing the excess tissue until the contour looks good. Some liposuction is also done to improve the results. The scar is usually hidden when your arms are at your sides or when you are walking. You will notice that you fit into your sleeves much better and don't have the hanging, shaking skin.

The recovery is only a few weeks although it can take several months before the tissue has fully remodelled and the scar has matured. If you are thinking about an arm lift, call the office and we can schedule a free consultation without any obligation.