Breast Lift

There are multiple reasons why breasts can change shape. Multiple pregnancies, weight loss, and natural aging are the reasons most commonly given. If the shape of the breast becomes objectionable or uncomfortable it can be lifted back to a more youthful position. Often however, the lifted breast appears smaller, even if no tissue is removed. To correct the change an augmentation can be combined with the lift to create a more aesthetically pleasing result.

Lifting Techniques

Over the years, a variety of surgical techniques have been developed to address breast ptosis (sagging / drooping). The choice depends on the severity of the ptosis, the size of the breasts, how much scarring you are willing to accept, and how much lift you are seeking to achieve.

Choices include:

  • A peri-areolor or donut mastopexy (lift)
  • A limited or skin-only lift
  • A full reshaping of breast tissue
  • A lift with an implant to fill out some of the upper breast
  • A lift with supplemental internal support, such as from Galatea products

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