Rhinoplasty (or a nose job) is a procedure designed to correct cosmetic and functional deformities of the nose.


Cosmetic rhinoplasty is designed to improve issues with the appearance of your nose. Common concerns include a hump that is seen in profile view. Some people have a hook nose or a very wide tip. It is possible to have a plunging tip that moves when you smile or speak. Sometimes the nose is crooked appearing either leaning to one side or the other or having a curved shape. The central divider between the two sides may have some deformity leading to different shaped nostrils on each side.


Rhinoplasty can also correct functional deformities. A functional deformity is where the nose does not perform its purpose and allow for easy breathing. Air can be blocked by a crooked septum (deviated septum). The nostrils may collapse upon inhaling. The internal nasal valve may not be wide enough. Turbinates (the humidifiers) may be enlarged.

During your free consultation we will ask you to explain what it is that you don't like about your nose. We can evaluate any reasons for airway problems. Then, using a program like Photoshop we can make an estimate of what is possible so you can have a reasonable idea of what is possible.