A Primer in Skin Care

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I knew next to nothing about skin care. I know, I'm a plastic surgeon.  I should have had a lot of exposure to skin treatments.  But besides some simple customary bits of knowledge (like Retin A is good), I'm just a guy.  This stuff baffles me.  So it was time to really do some reading. I have spend the last couple of weeks reading both the plastic surgery literature as well as a ton of marketing material about skin care and skin treatments.  Wow.  So let me divulge a few things I learned.  First, I have to give a few definitions since these have always thrown me:
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The "Laser"

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I chuckle to myself when I think about lasers.  I expect Austin Powers to put air quotes around the word when I say it.  I find that many people use the term as if it was a magical device that can do anything - including make a scarless incision.  It can't.  Lasers are just a way to apply energy to a spot.  All you can change is the size of the spot, the length of time the laser is on, and the color (and thereby the energy) of the laser.  That's pretty much it.  (Physicists have a term called fluence that measures the amount of energy delivered per unit area.  Higher fluence = more energy.  Don't remember that or people will think you are a geek.)
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How much does it cost?

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It's usually the last question.  Patients come in for the free consultation.  Who wouldn't, its FREE!  We talk for a while about what they want, what they don't like about themselves, what they want to change.  I examine them - usually with a little self consciousness on the patients part (I can never put someone totally at ease.  I guess if I could, they wouldn't want to change anything).  I take some photographs to document their appearance.  No, you won't see any patient photos here.
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So I started to blog...

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And then I started to blog.  I have a plastic surgery practice - with the utilitarian name of 'Plastic Surgery of Gwinnett, PC'.  It isn't very fanciful but I think the name does a fine job of conveying what I do and where I am.
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